Angel Walk

Angel Walk

  • Little, Brown Canada, 1996
  • Vintage Canada, 2000

Corinne Ditchburn is a photographer. The story of her life - from its beginnings in the Canadian wilderness, to London, England, where she worked during WWII as a war correspondent for Lord Beaverbrook - is a tale of a woman struggling for identity and love in the cataclysm of war.

Now, Corinne is eighty-five. With Tyke, the son she abandoned for her lover and for the war, she sorts through her photographs to create a retrospective of her work. As a photographer she was chronicler of her time; now, her pictures give her back the story of her past. Each image projects Cory into one of the split seconds that have strung themselves together as her life, "a lifetime in moments". Do the photographs lie, or reveal truth? Together, Cory and Tyke retrace the dramatic and sometimes painful path that has lead them to the present. Mother and son reclaim each other, and relive an extraordinary woman's life.

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"This is Govier's first novel in five years and it is her best book by far. Like a picture snapped when light and composition are exactly right, character, story , insight and language come together in ANGEL WALK to create an unforgettable portrait - of Corinne Ditchburn and her son, of wartime London and the battlefield of Normandy and Italy and of island life in Ontario's Georgian Bay."— The Montreal Gazette

"ANGEL WALK is at once Govier's most ambitious and her most successful."— The Winnipeg Free Press

"Cory is engaging, seductive, intriguing, a strong-bodied character who seizes the reader's attention...Govier's creation of Cory is bold and confident."— Globe and Mail

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